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Waystobe is a web application for hospitals, companies and individuals which offers the distribution and use of stress management and personal development programs.

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Why choose Waystobe?

Waystobe offers a large range of weekly sessions, which are simple, guided by voice and aimed at enriching and bettering day-to-day life by using available resources and developing adaptability to professional, social and private lives.

Usable via PC, tablet or smartphone

Usable everywhere and at any time via an internet connection

Automatic reminder of weekly session

Online evaluations

Available in several languages

Efficient and cost effective

Very user-friendly

Quickly accessible

Developed in a clinical environment

In conjunction with other techniques

Where to complete your sessions

The Waystobe method allows strictly individual and intimate sessions, even in a group context. In conjunction with other stress management methods, this very adaptable method can be used everywhere, autonomously, in all circumstances and at any time via an internet connection.

At the hospital

While I am waiting for my medical consultation, Waystobe can help me control my anxiety and fears.

At work

With Waystobe, I can momentarily isolate myself from exterior noises and agitation which try to take hold of me.

At home

After a long day at work, I use Waystobe to reestablish balance and harmony and to give positivity the place it deserves.

Waystobe programs

Developed in a clinical setting, the Waystobe program is based on current neurosciences. There are no intellectual or philosophical prerequisites and it does not generate any unwanted side effects. Our personal training programs can easily be used anywhere, at all times and at reasonable cost.

Program evaluation test

The effects of the different programs can be evaluated thanks to an online test, which statistically translates the feelings of the user. Done at the beginning and end of a program this voluntary, confidential and objective evaluation allows the user to measure progress.


It is important that the effects of a stress management and personal development program be measurable, even if it is difficult to quantify wellbeing. The Waystobe auto-evaluation tool has been specially created to allow users to objectively evaluate wellbeing without an external observer. This test is made up of 90 first person affirmations to which the user replies. These answers, which are distributed according to 5 criteria, are representative of the past 7 days.


The user will receive a comparative measure of his impressions at the beginning and end of the program. This will allow progress to be measured. The test results can be grouped into 10 categories:


feelings of depression

eating habits

organic signs

sensations of panic

relation to others


attention deficit

low self-esteem

trouble sleeping

The results obtained, thanks to this base program evaluation, will allow the user to select appropriate themes for personal progression.

This evaluation is not a medical diagnosis.


Even if this individual evaluation is offered with each program it is not mandatory and Waystobe guarantees total confidentiality of test results. When used in a business setting, obviously no information will be communicated to an employer. It is nonetheless possible to establish a collective evaluation and respect anonymity for all those who would like to participate in such a statistical study.

Stress management sessions

Waystobe has been developed to avoid costly and time consuming company stress management seminars. After a brief introduction, the use of the different programs proposed via the web can significantly and easily relieve stress without having to disrupt work.

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Organizing stress management seminars is often tedious and sometimes impossible for certain professional structures. It necessitates meetings which can go on for hours, even days and necessitates important mobilisation.

These, often theoretical, seminars rarely incorporate the current well being of those participating. They don't rely on our natural internal mechanisms, which allow us to handle stress.

For all these reasons, the effects of these sessions rarely last.

Waystobe was designed to avoid the expensive and time consuming aspects of company personal development and stress management seminars. The use of a web based system easily and efficiently allows for significant reduction of stress related symptoms.

It is, however, always possible to introduce Waystobe via a half-day company seminar to familiarize employees with the program and then allow them to continue with weekly online sessions. This half-day seminar includes a first theoretical introduction, which addresses stress, emotions, communication, the human brain and it's mechanisms, health and how to maintain them all. This introduction is followed by a second segment which offers a guided tour of the Waystobe app.

Who are we?

During the 90s we developed one of the first clinically based sophrology units in the CHU Ambroise Pare Hospital in Mons. This innovative experience forced us to conceive stress management and personal development programs, which had to fit the format dictated by the strict operational requirements of a hospital structure. The positive results we obtained during several years incited us to create Waystobe in 2014.


Licensed physical therapist and sophrologist


Sophrologist and transgenerational psychoanalyst


Civil engineer in computer sciences and management


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